When Is It Time to Schedule Roof Repairs?

A properly functioning roof can protect your home from water damage and other issues. As such, it's important to spot common problems quickly and have a roofing contractor fix them. Here are some signs of damage to watch out for.

1. Leaks
Common signs of roof leaks include stains, mold growth, or rot on the corners and walls of the attic. Always inspect the attic after any significant weather event or natural disaster. 
High winds and falling limbs can damage shingles and allow water inside. Catching leaks early can keep more moisture from coming in and prevent the need for serious water damage restoration.

2. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a thin layer of material used to waterproof the seams between shingles and other features. It can be seen around chimneys, vents, and walls. It ensures water flows into the gutters and is directed away from your home to a safe drainage area. 
Since walking on the roof can cause damage, stand on a ladder and use binoculars to zoom in on areas with flashing. Have any cracks, tears, or holes repaired promptly. A roofing contractor will use several well-fitted layers of flashing to seal the area. 

3. Missing Pieces
Walk around the house and check for places where the roof meets a sidewall. If there isn’t a sheet of protective flashing, water will flow down the side of the house instead of moving through the gutters. 
Chimneys wider than 30 inches need a “cricket” or “saddle” behind them to stop moisture and debris from gathering. Use binoculars to examine the area around the chimney. If it's rusting or dirty, it will require repairs.
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