When the Sky Clears in Irwin & Murrysville, PA, Call Your Local Storm Damage Repair Specialists

Find out how we'll reverse the damage to your roof

It can be hard to spot hail damage to asphalt shingles. Luckily, the contractors at Bella Construction & Development Inc. know what to look for. For over two decades, we've been doing hail damage repair work for residents of Irwin, PA and western Pennsylvania.

Our storm damage repair specialists will climb onto your roof to look for...

  • Shingle granules in your gutters or downspouts
  • Tears, dents or cracks in your roof due to hail
  • Loose or missing shingles

Bella Construction & Development will help protect your investment by providing expert storm damage repair services. Contact us today to get a free roof inspection.

hail and storm damage irwin and murrysville pa

What to do after a storm

Don't wait to call a pro, and don't attempt do-it-yourself hail damage repair work. Once the storm has passed, follow these simple steps:

1. Contact Us!
Having thoughts about improving your roof, siding, gutters, or another part of your home? Call us today! We're happy to discuss all of our services with you. We're different from all the other roofing companies in your area, let us show you how today.

2. Our Inspection
*We inspect your home for wind and hail damage as well as wind driven debris.
*We then discuss the results with you to help you make the best decision for your home improvement.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company
*Call your insurance carrier if we find evidence of hail damage.
*Give your insurance company authorization to meet and talk to us.
*Call us with claim number so we can contact adjuster to set up a timely and proper inspection.

4. We Meet With Your Insurance Company
We meet and work with your insurance company and adjuster, at no cost to the customer, to review what our professional find.

5. Review Findings
We will review the loss detail summary to make sure it is accurate and contains all the damages along with all the materials that are necessary to meet the current building code's of your area.

6. Sign A Contract With Us!
*Our professionals will provide you with colors and a variety of material options that are available.
*Review our contract.
*We're here to help anyway we can to improve your home!

7. Schedule Your Installation Appointment!
We can't wait to work on your home with you! The last step is the best step because we get to make your dreams for your home a reality.