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Bella Construction & Development of Western Pennsylvania installs soffit siding as one of many roofing-adjacent services. While many people in the community think of us primarily in terms of roofing installation and repair, property owners often fail to consider the soffit siding underneath the lip of their roofs. Our team does have a great deal of expertise in repairing, maintaining, and installing asphalt roofs, but we also have just as much experience doing the same thing with soffit vinyl siding.

What Is Soffit Vinyl Siding?

What Is Soffit Vinyl Siding?

For the average person, the term soffit may be unfamiliar to them. You have likely noticed a gap below your roof between the gutters and the exterior wall. Underneath the rafter tails is a material called the soffit. The right type of soffit protects your home from water damage and pest infestation. Having the protection of soffit siding underneath the lip of your roof is just as important as having siding on the exterior of your property. Bella Construction & Development provides a wide range of soffit materials.

Choosing the Right Materials for Soffit Siding

In the past, contractors often used metal and aluminum materials for soffit siding. However, soffit vinyl siding is a modern advancement in the field of roofing. Bella Construction & Development’s vinyl soffit installations last longer while looking better.  It is not susceptible to rust, warping, and discoloration to the same degree as the material used in the past. Vinyl soffit siding maintains its shape and color for the entire lifetime of the roof in many cases.

When to Get a New Vinyl Soffit Installation

How do you know when it is time to replace your vinyl soffit siding? First, vinyl soffit siding installation is likely necessary if you notice obvious signs of damage to your current soffit, such as dripping, cracking, or holes. Bella Construction & Development believes it is often wise to have this siding placed in combination with your new roof installation. Having these services done in tandem will allow them to age at the same rate and look like one cohesive unit.


Why to Get Vented Soffit Installed




Contractors have used many materials for soffit siding, although Bella Construction & Development typically suggests soffit vinyl siding. Setting the type of materials aside, there are still a few different types and characteristics to consider when selecting a new soffit. One of the first things to decide is whether you need venting. Some soffit includes ventilation, and some don't. Depending on the makeup of your home and attic, forgoing ventilated soffit may be excusable, but in most cases, it is essential to release trapped moisture within your attic.



Start Your Quest to Get New Vinyl Soffit Installation

If your roof or soffit siding shows signs of aging, contact Bella Construction & Development to find out what we can do for your property. Our team always loves the opportunity to help you find the right look for siding, gutters, and roofs for your property. In order to start the process, you can call us directly to schedule an appointment or fill out the contact form here.