Learn more about the importance of fascia and soffit installations in Churchill, Irwin, Murrysville, Johnstown, PA and the greater Pittsburgh area

Forget About Drips and Leaks

If you're like most people, you probably don't think about your soffit and fascia very often. But they're essential components of your home's curb appeal and ventilation. At Bella Construction & Development Inc., we recommend you take a moment to learn about the role of your soffit and fascia - and the benefits of our expert soffit installations and fascia installations.

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If a roof had an underbelly, it would be the soffit. It's the material that connects the roof overhang to the side of the house. Soffit helps cover anything with a visible ceiling, including porches, stairs, overhangs and breezeways.

Soffit prevents water and moisture from entering your home, reducing the risk of rot and mold. It also helps improve your home's ventilation by providing airflow to your attic. Most commonly, soffit is made of vinyl, wood or metal.



Fascia is the board that runs along the edge of your roof. It serves as a finishing edge, as well as a way to hold your gutters in place. Most fascia is visible from the ground, and is commonly made of wood or aluminum.

Both soffit and fascia are there to protect your home's interior from exterior conditions. They also add to the aesthetic of your home.

We offer many finish and material choices for your soffit and fascia, as well as free estimates and financing options.

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